Technology is instrumental in driving business growth and creating more efficient processes that contribute to increased productivity. By combining technical knowledge and business savvy with our full range of IT services, we're able to assess complex situations, devise effective solutions, and implement them for you quickly and cost effectively.

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Software development

Every client may have different needs, we provide specific and customized development services. Our highly specialized Software Engineers have a strong technical expertise and we know our clients' business better than anyone.

We have expertise in developing software in the following domains:

- Finance (Software for asset management/hedge funds, trading platforms, algorithmic trading, low-latency connectivity, risk reporting, etc.)
- Science (Data mining, bioinformatics, algorithms for solving sciencific problems, etc.)
- Education (Online/offline training materials, etc.)
- Other SMEs (Automation of manual tasks, office automation, etc.)

We have solid experience in different technologies of industry standard:

- Java / J2EE (EJB, JSP, JDBC)
- C#
- VB.NET / VB / Office VBA
- Javascript, VBScript, Perl
- SOA, Web service, AJAX, etc.



Office and task automation

Stop slaving away on your computer, and put your computer to work for you!

You can save hours every day, get more done, and make more money, while working less.

Our cutting-edge office automation solutions help our clients to increase operational efficiency and automate manual tasks, including tedious ones like handling emails, generating reports, doing batch jobs, etc.

Apart from designing some strategic systems using MS C# and Java which are only programmer-readable, we also created Excel spreadsheets with VBA/Macro as tactical solutions. Our Software Engineers have solid experiences in designing MS Office Marcos and Visual Basic Applications (VBA). The spreadsheets can be highly customizable and extendable, and the users can easily change/customerize the spreadsheets (e.g. by putting different parameters).



Mobile solutions

We create mobile applications to meet customer's requirements business needs. We offer the following services:

- Custom mobile applications development on iOS and Andriod
- Creating websites for mobile devices
- Mobile applications in .Net and Java
- Games design and development (J2ME)
- Migration of mobile application to other platforms



Web solutions

Our developers have solid experiences in HTML5, Flash shockwave, Client-side technologies (VBScript, JavaScript, CSS) and Server-side technologies (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Java Server Page, etc.).

Besides designing large-scale websites, we also helped clients to migrate standalone applications to web applications.

- Multimedia web design
- Client-side and Server-side programming
- Flash game, flash animation
- Content administration system
- Online database management system
- Online trading system
- Online shopping system
- Online broadcasting system
- Online learning system



Data solutions

Spreadsheets provide a good solution for small and easily manageable data management. However, spreadhseets are limited, especially when your database becomes too large to manage. A better solution is often a relational database management system.

Our database services empower users in all roles to explore and interact with information from all perspectives and time horizons.

Our services include:

- Data migration
- Database design
- Database deployment
- Database optimization / SQL tuning
- Analytics and reporting

We also provide solutions for clients to access, transform and visualize your data in a repeatable, self-service way. For example, we helped companies in the financial industries to generate reports ranging from real-time P&L / risk reports to daily post-trade reports or other statistics. Users can optimize all types of decisions by using the reports.



Other I.T. services

We provide other professional I.T. services for enterprises including system integration, I.T. security, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and clouding computing, etc.

Many firms choose our professional services to rapidly deploy customized solutions without increasing the size of their development team and integrate systems using proven knowledge and tools.