We provide professional services and innovative solutions to our clients in different industries. You may have a look on the below case studies.

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A properietary trading firm / hedge fund (banking and finance)

We provided both tactical and strategic solutions to a fund house (family office) which enabled the traders to make faster trading decisions with the help of real-time information.

Challenges - There are many financial software specifically designed for hedge funds available in the market. Most of them are very powerful and with many features, but very expensive. The client and his trader do not need most features or functions provided by the financial software in the market. And it does not make sense to pay 100%, while he only uses 10% of the available functions. On the other hand, the client wants to customize the software in order to fit their properietary trading strategies.

Our Solutions - Besides designing some strategic systems which are seldom changed using MS C# and Java, we also created some Excel spreadsheets with VBA/Macro as tactical solutions. The spreadsheets are highly customizable and extendable, and the client and his traders can easily build more strategies based on the spreadsheets (e.g. by putting different parameters).




A laboratory company (Science)

We helped a laboratory company to redesign and optimize a searching system for DNA matching.

Challenges - The database contain multidimensional data and the system is required to handle multiple searching criteria. The speed of the matching process highly depends on the algorithms and the database management system used. Also, the widely used database management systems are not specifically designed for storing DNA profile related records (e.g. common index structures are not designed for multidimensional data). As the database was growing larger and larger, the searching time became untolerable.

Our Solutions - We studied the existing system and figured out its bottleneck. We also refer to some research papers which are related to such data structures. Then we redesigned the algorithms, changed the data structures and optimized the database.

Result - The speed was improved by 3 folds on average after using our new algorithms. For some searching criteria, the speed was improved by more than 10 folds.



An online shop (Retail)

We provided a one-stop solution for a fashion company to develop their highly customized online shop.

Challenges - The online shop is highly customized (visitors are allowed to try different things on the website), but the budget is limited. The client wants to manage the content (the products and other information) by his staff online, so a content management system is required. The client has his own team of designers, and would like to do the design by themselves in order to save costs. But they do not have any expertise on computer programming.

Our Solutions - The client provided the graphics and we provide our expertise and full support on technical matters. We developed the shopping cart, content management system, statistics reports, etc.

Result - Our developers worked with the client's designers closely and complemented them perfectly.


  Contact Us to see how we can help our clients respond to dynamic global change with insight and agility.